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Burger Klunk

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Henry David Thoreau once said “Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!   That was in the 1800’s.  I was thinking about sending a copy to the corporate guys at BK, because they’ve had more than 15 ad agencies and weird campaigns NOT about their prized possession (The Whopper), while Mickey D’s and the others plow forward with easy to remember food ads. Read More

Genius Marketing

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Clever marketing is not about spending the most money you can, it’s about spending the smartest amount to dominate with.  A well-placed ad in a certain TV show, Facebook boost,  blinking sign or other interruption to the cell phone’s YOU’RE targeting may impact your profits perfectly by causing a conversion to customer moment over and over again.  Read More

About 325 Agency

325 Agency is a full-service creative advertising and marketing firm providing clients one-source solutions for driving business into their respective markets. Your message should be understood in 3-5 seconds, or someone else’s will.

We provide our special brand of “Genius-Extremius” to television advertising, internet marketing, website development, search strategy and media buying.
We seek to build clients into friendships, connecting us personally  to take on triumphs and challenges marketing your business together.

Based in San Antonio, we’ve worked with clients throughout Texas and the U.S. delivering genius ideas that are unique, creative and targeted, reinventing whenever necessary.

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At 325 Agency, our goal is to provide the best marketing services in a friendly professional atmosphere, we look forward to helping you.

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