Clever marketing is not about spending the most money you can, it’s about spending the smartest amount to dominate with.  A well-placed ad in a certain TV show, Facebook boost,  blinking sign or other interruption to the cell phone’s YOU’RE targeting may impact your profits perfectly by causing a conversion to customer moment over and over again.  People don’t want to be sold, but love to buy.  Take Amazon…watching your surfing habits let’s them deliver you things you’re already interested in, much like the brick and mortar stores that put impulse items on the counter for you to peruse.  It’s the shiny and flashy things that peak our interest, and if your in the widget business that needs to sell more, start being different in your approach.

What are you offering to your clients that’s easy to buy, easy to love, and ready to go? Are you easy to do business with, or complicated?  How many steps from “like-to-buy” do people have to go through in your business.

I always say, “be the easiest person in the world to do business, and you can’t stop the business from coming”.

Simplify your sales process, make customers feel taken care of while they shop, and when they leave.

Do something.  Different.